Pinto Art Museum Antipolo, Philippines

If you are someone who likes going to museums and the like, then Pinto Art Museum is that place. Me and my friends had so much strolling around the whole place, and enjoying ourselves with all the art forms that surrounds us. 

Pinto art museum is located at Antipolo, Philippines it has an entrance fee though PHP 180 pesos for those who isn’t a student and PHP 100 for those who are students and have they’re IDs with them. it somehow a place where you can unwind and chill it is a feel-good place. Or maybe you are someone who just love to go to museums then you better go here and see for yourself.


They have this large rooms that is full of amazingly painted art. It is somehow like a Greece inspired place because of how the place is styled or constructed. 



You will enjoy walking around the place while taking photos and stuff. 


Even passing by some staircases


We enjoyed taking photos to these words written on the walls. 


This one reminds me of a Chainsmokers song (DJ that I listen too)


Little man with a speaker attached to its body.


The place also has a garden where people can just walk and take a moment of time out. 



So if you are someone who is planning to go on a trip to the museum add Pinto Art Museum to your list promise you won’t be disappointed.




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