That Time I was At A 5 Seconds Of Summer Concert!

It was March 12, 2016 when I saw 5SOS for the first time of being a fan for 3 years and I must say the long wait was all worth it. I’am writing right now from my room while listening to their songs and nostalgia is hitting me hard. 

I remember the time I saw them on YT and I instantly became a fan I really like the fact that they are so driven to chased their dreams & my who would have thought that they will be this big in the music industry. As I music enthusiast I must say that they have what it takes to be like the other bands that they idolize I think they are even bigger than them lol. For a rock/pop punk band like them they have a huge following of fans mostly girls Wohooo!! #GirlPower aside from the good looks they acquire they are very talented playing those guitars and drums plus the voice that is very good to the ears. Hearing them live that night I thought wow! they have really good voices and they put too much emotion when they sing which really brought me to tears that night. 


Upon seeing them live I never thought that any person could have that so much fun, everyone was singing along, dancing, crying etc. it was a concert full of so much emotion I never thought that I myself could feel all different emotions at that certain state. 

That time they set foot on the stage everyone was so excited to see them hear them live at that very moment everyone feels the same as the person next to them is feeling. All throughout the show I didn’t stop myself from having the best night of my life because I waited for years to see them that night. 

Hear are the highlights of what they have to say for the Filo Fam:

This is the best night of our entire lives” – Michael Clifford

“Does it sounds good, does it feels good Manila?” – Luke Hemmings,

“You guys are one of the best crowds we’ve ever played to.” – Calum Hood

“Sorry it took so long, but we’re here right now.” – Luke Hemmings

“She can speak Tagalog, I think she’s fluent!” – Michael Clifford

“This is the part where we’ll be singing a song about you & your beautiful country.” – Michael Clifford

“We feel like we’re in Permanent Vacation with you guys” – 5 Seconds of Summer

“It’s great for the band to finally be here. Thank you so much. This is one of the best shows we’ve had.” – 5 Seconds of Summer

“We might come back if you guys want us to! – 5 Seconds of Summer #SLFLMNL 3/12/16”


Hearing say those words makes me really happy & I don’t think not only me but all of the filipino fans that waited for them to come at last it happen. I t might have took them 5 years to come over but as what they have said last night they have heard from the Filo Fam since day 1 and that is what brought everyone at the crowd into tears. Because its the truth we never stop supporting them though before it was a shot in the dark for them to be able to come to MNL to play a show. 

Mikey & Luke I guess came up with a song for MNL and its called “Vanilla in Manila” it rhymes though that’s why they really like saying Manila HAHAHA. it was a fun song though everyone was jumping singing along instantly to that new song. 


Though they only sang 18 songs and the show really went fast maybe it was the fact that everyone was having a really good time that’s why no one noticed that the show was only 2hrs. for me and my friends that was the best 2hrs of our entire life.

The final bow came and thats the sign that the show is over and we have to say goodbye to them, but our hearts will wait for them to comeback and have another full house concert. Till the day they comeback I will just be right here waiting to see them again. till then boys! CHEERS!  





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