So yeah basically I’am only writing about this concert just tonight after a few weeks ago experienced sorry my bad. 

3LogyInMNL happened because it was a merged concert of Before You Exit, The Tide and of course The Vamps which actually is their second time performing in front of their Filipino fans see this link for my experience on their first ever show here in MNL. —-> I Fancy This Band. Yes it was indeed another fun fun concert it just makes me feel that whenever I get to see them perform they just keep on getting better aside from their insanely beautiful songs. 

It’s not every time you go to a concert that you get to see an artist who grows into this very talented musician that he is. I believe The Vamps are that one artist that I’m talking about.

At the first half of the concert it was the front acts time to shine and to set the mood of the crowd which happened to be really excited. Because there areactually 3 bands that’s going to perform for a one night concert. Local artist like this young girl who is a daughter of a famous Filipino couple, then there is this YouTube sensation William Singe which is really good. After that there was this long pause because the first band is about to perform.


First to perform was Before You Exit I must say there were a lot of Exiters who came to the show because it was the bands first ever concert in the country because before what they do is just mall shows now a concert all thanks to The Vamps for bringing them on tour. 


Singing some cool songs to all the beautiful fans at the Crowd. 


These brothers really know how to put up a good show. 


They ended they’re set with a hit song. and it was time for the second band of the night The Tide.

The Tide is a band discovered by The Vamps who then after a few months was signed by them. This American band follows the foot steps of some famous Pop Punk band and is set to be the next big thing in the punk scene. 


Opening view of The Tide.


No one could deny how good Austin’s voice is, he hit those notes perfectly plus he is really good looking in person ❤ 


Watched out because this band is the next big thing. 

Last but definitely not the least is The Vamps…


It was nice seeing them again after a year and it was definitely worth the wait because they did put up a great show again. With those insane musicality they brought with them. It is always fun being at their shows because they make you feel like you are all in a different world at that very moment and all you have to do is to hold on to that moment and just have the most fun time of your life.


Brad being the cutest human again. 


Drumming skills on point. Tristan 



Hi Connor nice seat you got there. 


Smiley Tristan


Hi James I love youuuuu

That was indeed a another great show not much to say anymore but I did really had the best night again and I think It’ll be a habit every time I get to see them. 


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