When They Come Knocking You Down, Stand Still.

In a world we live in where we meet different people with different personalities, it’s hard to know where you stand or where you should be. They say that for every person you meet each one of them will teach you and I believe this. But what if some of these people only appeared in your life just to piss you off?.

Life may be hard, but you need to learn how to get back up and keep your head up, its just one of those life struggles that won’t stop coming. When you face so many problems and you just want to give up already just remember “Some people are having the same problem as you and some of that problems can be harder than your’s” Days will come were in you just want to walk away from people who keep knocking you down because having them in your life is not really healthy. I feel bad for people who live to make the people around them miserable I thought don’t they have a life to live on their own? So they just spend their time talking Sh*t about other people.

I think people who look up to themselves really high are the worst people in this world. These are the kind of people who are self centered, has ego problems, loud personality, and boastful. How can someone normal stand a person who has all these characteristics? I mean they don’t have the qualities of a good person, we’ll maybe they have but probably only 30%.

So for the person who is reading this you need to think straight and think to yourself Am’I surrounding myself with the right people? Do they make me a better person? Are they in my life to keep me strong as a person? Or they’re only here to knock me down from being the person I want to be. 

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change”




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