It all happened so fast & 2016 plans!

After a few months of hiatus on writing a new blog here I’am, Let me start with narrowing down the highlights of my 2015 which has gone by so fast. There were so many things that had happened within that span of months, I went to my favorite bands concert (The Vamps) finished College, go to concerts, and went on finding a fine job and finally getting one. It has been one hell of a year!! But then again I never thought that 2015 could be that good to me because I have accomplished many things that I will always be grateful off.

First graduating College and finally getting a degree is one of the best feeling because I can finally say to myself that “Damn! I made it this far how RAD is that! now I can finally get a fucking job and get a life”. After months and never ending days of exams, homework’s, thesis, and reports it was all worth it. Leaving the university is okay but knowing the fact that it could also be the last time that you are seeing some of your classmates, friends and professors. Now you can only get in-touch with them thru social media. Praise the geniuses who created social media its like you never even graduated that you can still talk to them every ones in awhile.

Second I’am more active in attending concerts this past few months and it seems that I cant get enough of the moments spent having fun at concerts or any other event that really live up to the most hype moment. Its just that when you are at your favorite artists concert the feeling is surreal its like you are in a different world where you see a crowd full screaming fans just like you, and knowing the fact that don’t even know any of them but still the fun, hype feeling is there. That is why I’am instantly taking a mental note of going to events where in you can just have fun and nobody will even bother to judge you by how you sing, how you dance, or even cry to songs that makes you feel alive at some point.

Third Since I love the thought of going to places or travelling, really its just a thought right about now since I have never been to any far off places. first things first I’am applying for a passport this 2016 and I will go to places and just explore and explore because as the saying goes “Travel while your young and able” and so I will starting this year and for the next coming years. I already have a list of places that I need to go to its just a random list where my budget would fit. LOL but still I will make sure to go even when the budget is a little tight.

Lastly the hardest part after graduating college was finding a job. After applying to so many company and never even getting a callback is the worst part. Its like you tried your very best but still not enough (Okay I’m not really singing a song here HAHA) Like seriously it was really hard because some company would call you and then upon getting on the part were they would decide if your fit or not they’d say “Actually we are looking for someone with a little experience” and then you’d be like at the back of your mind “What? someone with experience? then why’d you even indicated on your job post that “No experience needed” like seriously that sucks. But then again good things really happen to those who wait and it did to me. I finally got a job and live a life.

Getting a job was really not that great well at first its your first ever work with no clue on how things will work out, then you find yourself swimming the stream of work load with people having high expectations. Still its great that with all the ups and downs of getting a job you are learning things that is new to you, and in which you can add to the knowledge you already have. Aside from getting your salary which is the best part because you can now do anything you never did when you were still at the Univ. Days of hanging out with old friends has been quite a habit now, eating at restaurants and talking about life is an endless topic. You’d think to yourself that you haven’t seen each other for months but still things just don’t change when your with them. The major throwback topics back in the days when you were all still at school is a laughable stuff you all caught yourselves thinking time has gone by so fast and you just don’t feel it.

2015 was indeed the year that I have learned, accomplished so many things its just that I wasn’t much of aware until the time that it has finally come to an end and now starting a new year. So for 2016 please let this be the year wherein there would be added accomplishments. I have already planned the things that I need to do this year and I cannot wait to start with it. Fighting!!!
Please I know this is a late year -end blog but at least I found time to write. Adios till next blog post. 🙂


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