#MovieReview: Heaven Is For Real

Basically I do not watch films that are religious in any way, but these one caught my attention to watched. I’ve already heard people talking about it before when it was shown in the Cinema but I was never that interested though, I found out that it was a movie adaptation of a New York times best seller. It was months already after showing when I decided to watched it and I must say this movie adaptation touched my heart.

Heaven Is For Real is about a young boy named  Colton (4 years old) who had experienced the so called “Near-Death experience” only a few in this world have been through this. After recovering from his operation he started telling stories to his dad, Todd a pastor in their local in Nebraska. He said he that he was able to meet Jesus, heard angels singing songs beautifully, even sat on Jesus’s lap and talk about things, he even met her older sister who died at such a young age and were not able to be named by his parents, and even his great grandfather whom his dad is very close too.


Can you imagine having that chance to meet Jesus and hear and see angels singing to you. That is one unimaginable experienced to think that God was only reminding them of how life is wonderful, to have faith in him, never lose contact with him, these are some things that the film was trying to convey in its story.

In all of the many religious films that have been shown up to this day we all have the same thought that Jesus is someone who looks like a man who is in his Mid years. But Colton who saw Jesus said that He looks very much young and has the lightest eyes.


The photo above is what Jesus looks like as said by Colton, It was a young girl who had experience the same thing as Colton who draw this, she started painting the image of Jesus as to what she remembers from their meeting.

This is a film for family to watch because it embodies the things that would make our faith in God stronger.


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