Have I Figured It Out Yet?

Life may attack you with challenging stuff, but this will lead you to an unimaginable success. It once occurred to me when I was young that going to school will just be a piece of chicken. Who cares about doing homework’s, projects, and those unending Exams, Paper works, Recitations, and School activities you can always have fun while doing it right?. Well then I figured school was never easy when your stressed out with the coming deadlines, there where ups and downs you can never tell what will happen if your not well prepared. Its like going to a War when you go to school you always need to have a Bullet to fire.

Time came when I started to have a Mantra “Finish your studies and you will be given an amazing life” (I never told anyone about this I just keep it to myself for motivational purposes) But my perspective about the future grow and then I started to dream, also too imagine what I will and want be in the coming years of my existence. The thought of the future came to close my mind, I feel like I could do it, I could make it. Well yes I can but I need to get serious with stuffs like get a good job, travel, buy this and that, attend concerts, Music Festivals, this goals started to hit me.



Then I believe that better things come to those people who HOPE for an exciting life, a colorful life, a person who is so vibrant and self driven with her goals.

The big question for me right now is “Have I Figured It Out Yet?” What I mean by this is that do I know What to do after years of studying?. It creeps the hell out of me when I think of the life of working from 9 to 5 and just sit there and work for the company who pays you well enough. I mean do I still get a life when I’m already stuck in this daily routine? will I still meet my friends for a cup of coffee or go grab some lunch and just have a seat for  few chitchat?. I have lade all my plans since the first day of my last year in College and it took me a lot of thinking on what to write in it but mostly whats written there are stuffs that I haven’t done yet so might as well write it and start working on it to be able to achieve it.  its just listed in my “Before I die” List. morbid as it sounds but yeah. I called it that way so that I can motivate myself,you know as the saying goes YOLO “You Only Live Ones” so go hard on your goals and go for it.

When your a girl with a wild imagination and one who just see it beyond expectation you need to aim higher and dream the impossible. Who knows whats waiting for me out there, what kind of people I will soon meet, what experience I will indulge myself into, what will be my new set of interests, those things that I can see coming in a few Months or years to come. Just like what everyone says “Take the biggest Leap of your life” and you will be One step closer in loving what you want.


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