I Fancy This Band.

When your young and you like a band for no apparent reason, its just like their song is so catchy, the members of the band are so good looking as fuck. Their hair are always on point, they got mad skills on music instruments. who wouldn’t be a fan, right? I have been a fan of The Vamps for about a year or so now and i can proudly say that they have improved from the time that they were just making song covers on Youtube to having an album.


Being a fan of this band lead me to staying up all night, its like i’m so hype every night just watching their new vids, twitcams, live performances and a whole lot more. Gaining having a lot of friends online, we connected to different social media accounts and became friends. A friendship that develop because of our love to this weird band.

Last February 1, 2015 was the most unreal day of my life i attended their first ever  concert here in the Philippines. and i got to meet a lot of new people/fan also what i found out is that when you meet a person for the first time and you have the same interest you connect instantly its like you were friends for a long time.



Who would have thought that they will have a concert here since they are not such a huge star in the music industry yet unlike One Direction who is at the highest pick of their stardom.

tv4 tv8

All i can say is that i’am so proud of how they have grown as a music icon, from garage practices to studios, small gigs, street performances, to huge arenas and having tours around the world. They are the most down to earth artist i have ever known they stay grounded and still reach out to their fans and thanking us for bringing them to where they are now.


Seeing them, being at one of their concert is still so unreal to me i think i would suffer from PCD (Post Concert Depression) until the day they come back here. They promised to be back next year for another show because they love it here in the Philippines.

“Manila you are the loudest, will come back next year”-Bradley Will Simpson (Vocals).


Credits goes to my friend Ros, for this photo above. 🙂

Dedicated fangirl,

Icah. XOXO


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