Seeking for my WANDERLUST!

Tuesday, February 12, 2015 

Hi so basically this is my first post here, since i had just started making my own BLOG. I made this to be able express my views and thoughts of what life is, achieving my dreams and most of all my dream to travel as many places as i can, i’am actually very excited when i was making this. There’s a blogger who really did inspired me a lot when i first encounter her Facebook page and saw that she was a blogger. That’s the time i started reading her blog posts and she just awed me with her travels, experiences and many more. Her name was Trisha Velarmino Her blogs were all about her travels from across the world and how she survive the kind of work she has now.

My dreams were very similar to her that is why i have this strong gut feeling right now. That if i do pursue and never back down on my dreams and goals. One day i will wake up excited, pumped up and running to grab my bag and my computer to go and see the world, take as many photos as i can to capture each moment. This is me having the most real daydream i could have tonight seating in my bed looking at the window seeing the beautiful clear sky. HAPPY BLOGGING to me and may the odds be always in my favor.

to travel 6

All i want is to get to my destination and write the best experience i could have there.


Icah XX


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